1. K-Cups: Best Prices Update

    It’s been over a year since I updated my list of “best price retailers” for my beloved K-Cups. Back then (May, 2010), Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” service had everyone else beat. But they’ve since discontinued that service, leaving the field open for other retailers to claim the spot at the top of my lowest-price list.

    Like most everything else, prices of K-Cups have increased in the 17+ months since my last compilation of K-Cup prices. In most places around here, a box of standard K-Cups will run you $12 for 18 K-Cups. Special varieties like hot chocolate, apple cider, and café mocha, some teas, as well as the coffee K-Cups from Wolfgang Puck, tend to cost a dollar more per box.

    In any case, as of last week, my list of best-price K-Cup retailers worked out like this:

    1. Bed Bath & Beyond (w/Coupon for $5 Off of $15 or More) $.5272/K-Cup
    2. Bed Bath & Beyond (w/Coupon for 20% Off One Item) $.5329/K-Cup
    3. Green Mountain (w/Café Express Membership) $.5621/K-Cup
    4. Wal-Mart (Folgers K-Cups) $.6267/K-Cup
    5. Amazon.com (w/Prime Membership) $.6500/K-Cup
    6. Amazon.com (w/Super Saver Shipping) $.6583/K-Cup
    7. Wal-Mart (non-Folgers flavors) $.6600/K-Cup
    8. Target $.6661/K-Cup
    9. Bed Bath & Beyond (No Coupons) $.6661/K-Cup
    10. Amazon.com (non-Prime) $.9000/K-Cup

    Inclusions & Omissions

    I omit Sam’s Club from the above list because their supply of K-Cups is extremely limited (usually only Caribou K-Cups are available, and I’m not a fan of any Caribou flavors I’ve tried). Costco doesn’t appear here because, sadly, there isn’t one in my area.

    I list Bed Bath & Beyond coupon prices because there’s rarely a time when we’re without one of their two coupons in our stash. (Once you get on their mailing list, BBY will practically stuff your mailbox with those things.)

    My list includes Wal-Mart’s Folgers-specific pricing because while I don’t care for this “gourmet” coffee, it is cheaper than other K-Cups and is very widely available.

    Online-Only K-Cup Retailers

    I have yet to find any smaller online-only retailers who can match or beat the prices above. It’s not like there aren’t a host of other K-Cup sellers out there, but all the ones I’ve visited miss out on price due to either (1) excessive shipping charges, or (2) stout “subscription” fees in order to get the “best” prices available, which still are more expensive than those offered by, say, Green Mountain Coffee themselves.

    For those who’d like to see my Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) with the prices and quantities listed, it’s available here.

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  2. 2 Responses to "K-Cups: Best Prices Update" ...

    1. On October 31, 2011 @ 3:37 pm,
      Dan wrote:

      This breakdown is phenomenal. I belong to Costco and would love to see a comprehensive price book for all goods regionally. I’m wondering why nobody has come up with that concept, like a Wikipedia except a price book for all to contribute. It would be so much better for the consumer to implement such an idea.



    2. On November 14, 2011 @ 5:57 pm,
      Barb wrote:

      I’ve been ordering my Kcups from Kohls. When I’m lucky enough to get their 30 percent coupon, I stock up. $8.39 is the best price I’ve paid for 18 when they are on sale for 11.99. I’ve tried many flavors and love love love the Paul Newman and Emeril bold flavors. Continuing the trend (celebrity endorsements), I tried the Wolfgang Puck, and it tasted exactly like the folgers brand at walmart which to me tasted like dirt. So … lesson learned. Not a professional, but I’d bet it is the same coffee. The Wolfgang Puck brand was the most expensive I’ve ever paid. Won’t do that again!



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