1. Current Commercials: Allstate “Mayhem” FTW

    I have to hand out some kudos to Allstate for their “Mayhem” series of commercials. I have become a big, big fan.

    Allstate gets Bonus Points from me because insurance is very much relevant to successful personal finance. Heck, you could pretty much take these commercials and turn them into “This is why you need an Emergency Fund” spots with just some simple dialogue mods.

    More Bonus Points for that guy’s deadpan, “I’m all, OMG, Becky’s not even hot.”

    While driving a pink Dodge SUV.

    Pure, unadulterated viewing goodness. (As commercials go.)

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  2. 2 Responses to "Current Commercials: Allstate “Mayhem” FTW" ...

    1. On October 19, 2010 @ 9:14 am,
      Lulu wrote:

      The Mayhem commercials are the BEST. I think that guy is very funny and I wonder if he is just good at the deadpan or if he had to do a lot of takes.

      Shakey, shakey!!!!!!



    2. On November 2, 2010 @ 9:53 am,
      John wrote:

      I love his “I’m all, OMG, Becky’s not even hot.” and “I’m emotionally compromised and …. whoopsie”.

      They best part about the set is that is he progressively gets more beat up from commercial to commercial.



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