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Personal Finance Blogroll

Start Article This may be the one area where keeping up with the Joneses is the smart thing to do.

Listed below is my current personal finance blogroll. The blogs you'll find here are chock full of folks learning about, and managing, their money. You'll discover peers striving like heck to get out of debt — as well as people who are just looking to make their money work as hard as it can. You'll find married couples blogging about their credit cards. You'll find divorced, single moms blogging about savings. You'll find experts talking about financial news, stats, and investments. And at Money Musings, you'll find me blogging about all those things, and then some.
If you're really adventurous and excited about the world of money blogs, then head over to If there's a money blog out there that's worth the pixels it's printed on, chances are that aggregates it.

If you're on a quest to get out of debt, or you just want to start getting more returns from your money, you'll want to keep up with these bloggers. I highly recommend that you create your own "blogroll" of favorites to follow. Many times, I think you'll find, you can learn much more from your blogging peers than you can from TV personas or that dark-suited banker-guy you always seem to spot leaving Starbucks.

NOTE: If you're a money blogger and would like to see your blog included here, just send me an email. I can't include everyone who asks, of course, but I do give each blog earnest consideration. If, by judging from what you see below, you think your blog belongs here, then I'd love to hear about it — and start following your money story too!

My Current Personal Finance Blogroll