There are about 1.2 million financial-calculator pages on the internet. Whether or not we need another one is debatable. But I decided to throw this one together anyway. (It gives me a chance to learn more PHP coding, if nothing else!)

Personally, if I'm wanting to do some heavy number-crunching, I prefer to use spreadsheets over web-based calculators. But if you're in a hurry to see some figures, or perhaps just don't feel like downloading one of IYM's many Excel financial spreadsheets at the moment, then these calculators might work well for you. Can't hurt to take a look, right?

What follows are a handful of financial calculators that I either (1) created myself, or (2) borrowed from the plethora of open-source sites on the internet. You'll find financial calculators that can (hopefully!) help you with amortizing mortgages and tracking your debt loads, among other things.

One note: These might not be the prettiest calculators out there, but they'll get the job done. If you can't find the calculator you're looking for, head to our Good Stuff on the 'Net page and check out some of the other sites that offer way-spiffy proprietary calculators of their own.

Before you continue, please read our disclaimer.

Mortgage Payment Calculator & Amortization Builder   Opens in New Window
Updated:   2009-04-06.

This calculator will help you determine the payment for any fixed-rate mortgage loan. It also estimates private mortgage insurance (PMI), if applicable, as well as property tax and homeowner's insurance. Both these estimates are included in your total monthly payment. It can also create an amortization schedule for the mortgage, and it breaks down principal and interest totals on an annual basis.

Taxable Equivalent Yield Calculator   Opens in New Window
Updated:   2006-05-06.

This calculator helps you compare the returns of tax-free investments to those of taxable investments. For example, the interest earned from U.S. Treasury bills is generally tax-free at the state level. The interest from a savings account at Emigrant Direct, though, is probably not. How much better is the Treasury bill's return, really? That's what this calculator tells you!

Zero-Percent Arbitrage Calculator   Opens in New Window
Updated:   2006-05-23.

If you're thinking of setting up an arbitrage play by borrowing against that latest credit-card zero-percent balance transfer offer you just received, and investing the proceeds in some sort of guaranteed interest-bearing account, then give this calculator a shot. It will estimate your profits — after taxes, transfer fees and interest, and all.