IYM Interviews

Sometimes there's nothing like a one-on-one interview to open your eyes.

What I mean is that tremendous benefits can appear when you get another person's honest thoughts on the world. For one thing, interviewing others is a great reminder that all those voices ticking about in your head aren't the only worthy voices around. No matter what Mom tells you, there are other people who are smarter than you, can add better, and are more interesting. The sooner you accept it, the better. And the sooner you can let their knowledge, their experiences, or their passion create something good in your life.

As time goes on, the interviews listed here will be rather diverse. They're my way of sticking my head out of my shell and breathing a bit of unfamiliar air. Perhaps we'll see what the next guy has going on in his nest.

I might not always ask the so-called "tough, probing questions." But then I'm not on the 60 Minutes or Fox News payroll, either.

Financial and Related Interviews