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Financial Reading List

Start Article Over the last decade or so I've read a lot of financial books. Listed below are, in my opinion, the best books out there covering the subjects of personal success and personal financial success. Those two things, I now believe, cannot exist independent of one another.

The first book — an overall guide to personal finance from the publishers of Money magazine — is wonderfully basic, yet manages to cover just about every possible aspect of a person's financial life. It was a fantastic book to have handy when my wife and I were just starting out. It's out of print now, but you can still find used copies available for sale, and at very reasonable prices. For years, The Money Book of Personal Finance was our "financial encyclopedia." I've yet to find anything better.

After that, the books are listed in the order that they affected me personally.

For more reading ideas on money-oriented topics, you might wish to check out my book reviews.

NOTE:   Before buying any of these books brand new, you might wish to check for used and almost-new copies. You can save a nice little chunk o' change.

The Money Book of Personal Finance
Author(s):   Richard Eisenberg
Publisher:   Warner Books (1996)
ISBN:   0446519812
Your Money or Your Life
Author(s):   Joe Dominguez & Vicki Robin
Publisher:   Penguin Books USA (1992, 2008)
ISBN:   978-0143115762 (pbk.)
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How to Get Out of Debt,
Stay Out of Debt,
and Live Prosperously
Author(s):   Jerrold Mundis
Publisher:   Bantam Books (1988) // Revised 2003
ISBN:   0553283960
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Debt-Proof Living: The Complete
Guide to Living Financially Free
Author(s):   Mary Hunt
Publisher:   DPL Press (2005)
ISBN:   0976079119
The Total Money Makeover
Author(s):   Dave Ramsey
Publisher:   Thomas Nelson (2003, 2007)
ISBN:   0785263268
» Review: Total Money Makeover
The Millionaire Next Door
Author(s):   Thomas Stanley & William Danko
Publisher:   Pocket Books (1998)
ISBN:   978-0671015206
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Why Smart People Make Big Money
Mistakes ... and How to Correct Them
Author(s):   Gary Belsky & Thomas Gilovich
Publisher:   Simon & Schuster (1999, 2009)
ISBN:   978-1-4391-6336-8
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