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Build Your Own Web Page:
Personal Goals

So you've set up your goals. That's a big accomplishment in itself, but there's something else you might want to consider right about now:   Maybe you need a way to keep your goals "in front of you," no matter where you are. Well, here it is:

Build yourself a "personal goals" web page!

(For those who are curious, mine looks something like this.)

You'll have access to it from anywhere − at least, from anywhere that you can get on the internet. In my book, that's a plus. Additionally, if you have some experience with and enjoy designing web pages, well, you'll get that much more out of it.

There are only a couple of prerequisites for doing this:

(1) Web space. You'll need to find some storage space for your web page. This shouldn't be tough; most internet access providers give you a small amount of storage space so that you and your family can have your own web pages.

(2) Some HTML knowledge.   The more customized you want your page to be, the more you'll need to know some HTML (the language in which web pages are written). Don't be afraid, though:   It really is very simple. If your access provider gives you web space, then chances are that they also have some pre-designed web pages into which you can plug whatever information you want.

(3) GOALS!   Tough to put your goals on the web if you don't have any goals to start with, isn't it?

Feel free to use the HTML coding and images from my sample goals page, if you like.

(If all that seems like too much work, look into the various "goal-setting communities" on the internet. These are online sites where you can journal about your goals and track your accomplishments in front of a large community of other motivated souls. A few examples? Look at Joe's Goals and Mindbloom.)

If you've come across another way to use online services or custom-built web pages to keep yourself motivated or to save money, then I want to hear about it. Please send me an e-mail pronto!