It's Your Money!

IYM Articles 2002-2006

Every once in a while the urge just strikes ... and you have to write about it.

(For more spur-of-the-moment writing like this, you might wish to check out Money Musings, my blog. That's where most of my writing took place after early 2006.)

MARCH 27: Should I Refinance My House?
MARCH 5: David Bach and Mortgage Math
FEB. 27: IRS Retirement Publications
JAN. 19: Alternatives to Quicken and Money
JAN. 14: Learning Excel: Nice Links on the 'Net

NOV. 27: Financial Infidelity
SEPT. 13: Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2005
AUGUST 5: Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2005
JULY 24: David Bach and Budgeting
JULY 10: Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2005
JUNE 3: Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2005
MAY 3: Monthly Wrap-Up: April 2005
MARCH 16: Context of Savings: E-funds & Freedom Accounts
FEB. 20: Price Books and Lunches
FEB. 15: Et Tu, Suze? (Part 2)
FEB. 6: Credit Card Arbitrage
JAN. 23: Stocks, Lies, & Videotape

DEC. 29: Auto Maintenance: The Lowdown
DEC. 18: Death of a Debit Card
DEC. 11: Fears, Wants, and Soundbites From Heaven
NOV. 28: What's In Your Mailbox?
NOV. 26: Who, Me? Back to School? (Part 2)
NOV. 20: Et Tu, Suze?
NOV. 19: Big Numbers, Little Minds
SEPT. 30: Spending More Or Not?
AUG. 27: When Murphy Comes Calling
AUG. 22: Not Big On Bach
AUG. 19: The Net Worth Bump
AUG. 6: A Shot in the A.R.M.
AUG. 3: When Saving Really Isn't
JULY 18: Bank Like a Banker
JULY 1: But I Want It
JUNE 9: AmeriDump
MARCH 17: When Good Charts Go Bad
FEB. 9: The Second-Biggest Decision

DEC. 13: What's in Sartre's Wallet?
DEC. 3: Ah, Investor Literacy!
OCT. 29: Who, Me? Back to School?
OCT. 25: The River They're On
JULY 9: Credit-Card Pinball Redux
MAY 3: Recovering Your Child (No, Not That One)
APRIL 30: Spending Dilemma, Episode 1: The Silver Maple
MARCH 13: That Magic 8% ... Or Maybe Not
FEB. 26: Gentlemen Prefer ... Bonds?
FEB. 25: Dancing "The Refi Shuffle"
FEB. 6: So You're Withholding, Are You?
JAN. 25: Keep That Epidural Handy, Doc...

DEC. 15: Credit-Card Pinball ... Wizard?
DEC. 10: Overcoming E-Fund Regret
DEC. 9: Of Ribeye Steaks and Private Educations
OCT. 27: Once More, With Affluence (Part 2)
OCT. 17: Once More, With Affluence (Part 1)
SEPT. 28: What's Going For You?
AUG. 30: Home, Expensive Home
AUG. 15: So This Guy Walks Into a Bar...
AUG. 1: Fear and Loathing in Wal-Mart
JULY 23: Ladies & Gentlemen, This is No Bull
JULY 17: Your Home, Your Business