1. Idea: End Student Loans Altogether

    Whilst I haven’t yet finished reading the whole piece, the title made it just too good to not share ASAP:

    Bloomberg: Forget “Cheaper” … Just End Student Loans

    What — you mean supply and demand matters, even in higher ed? Pffft. When did that start? [/snark]

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  2. 1 Response to "Idea: End Student Loans Altogether" ...

    1. On June 20, 2012 @ 3:41 pm,
      Kim wrote:

      I find it strange that given the financial hole that most of Europe is in, many of the commenters that agreed w/ the blogger used Germany as an example….but university isn’t free in Deustchland anymore, at least not according to wikipedia. Probably lots of other universities in lots of other countries where there never used to be tuition now find themselves having to charge the students actual tuition. And so many people on this continent still think that it’s free over there…as if, when we turn on the news, or open up a newspaper, we don’t comprehend the words, “Financial Crises in Europe” that we’re either hearing or reading.



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