1. Paradox of Thrift

    Don’t know how I managed to miss this treat, but I did:

    National Post: 93-Year-Old Threatens American Capitalism

    I remember reading something about Ms. Veitch and her still-chugging-along 1964 Mercury Comet recently. But whatever it was that I read, I certainly don’t remember her being presented as all that’s wrong with the American economy. Because that is, you know, the tongue-in-cheek gist of the article above.

    I feel quite confident that my beloved America is in zero danger of becoming a nation of Veitchian monsters. Holy crap, no. We love our plasma TVs, McMansions, and our lane-cramming SUVs. We thrive on $10, triple-decker, bacon-and-bleu-cheese-cheeseburgers. (Dangit. What’s for lunch, anyway?)

    And debt? Oh, we loves our debt. In fact, debt is a lot like The Force. It surrounds us, binds us. Debt is the ever-increasing glue which holds us all together. Even when we don’t have any money, we can keep spending money, because we can always get debt. Always. Well, except for 2007 and 2008 and part of 2009. Then we couldn’t get debt. And you saw how that went, didn’t you?

    Oh, but Dark Siders, like Veitch, who save money and make full use of all their assets and take advantage of the deals and guarantee presented to them — well, these people are Communists and apparently don’t believe in the almighty goodness of Debt, Debt, and More Debt.

    So our greatest economic enemy drives a ’64 Mercury Comet. Who knew?

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