1. Amazon To Collect Sales Tax in Two More States

    According to a post at Don’t Mess With Taxes, Amazon has reached deals with two more states to start collecting sales taxes on purchases from those states.

    Nevada and Texas can now add themselves to the list of states for whom Amazon collects and submits sales-tax revenues. My state of Oklahoma isn’t one of them — yet — but I know the day is coming. Actually, since I pay my use taxes annually anyway, it’d actually be easier for me if Amazon started collecting OK sales taxes on their own. But hey — it’ll happen when it happens.

    For those of you who still play the “I buy online because then I save on sales taxes!” game, well, Kay lays it out best in her post above when she says:

    Eventually, though, shoppers had better start preparing to pay sales tax on all their purchases, regardless of how they buy them.

    Yup. It’s just a matter of time before the presumed-sales-tax-free internet goes bye-bye.

    The Tax Man will not be denied.

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  2. 1 Response to "Amazon To Collect Sales Tax in Two More States" ...

    1. On May 3, 2012 @ 12:29 pm,
      John @ Married (with Debt) wrote:

      I’m trying to buy everything I need before the blanket sales tax comes. Amazon fled Illinois where I live due to an unfriendly policy towards affiliates and sales tax collection. It’s time for something major to break in this area.



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