1. Lottery Winner Keeps Suckling at Public Teet

    I’d say it’s a shocking story, but sadly, it isn’t. Not to me, anyhow. Rather, it’s just a very stark picture of what we’ve become:

    ClickOnDetroit: $1m Lottery Winner Still Collecting Welfare

    I can think of plenty of descriptive terms for this woman, but as I try to run a mostly-family-friendly blog, I can’t really print them here.

    Local 4 tracked Clayton down to her Lincoln Park home where cameras spotted her and a U-Haul truck, getting ready to move into a new house—that she paid for in cash—now that she has struck it rich. She also bought a new car.

    These purchases are nothing out of the ordinary for someone who just won the lottery, however hidden cameras followed Clayton grocery shopping, where she admitted she uses a Bridge card to pay for her items. She said she gets $200 each month, from taxpayers, to foot her food bill.

    When confronted, Clayton said she didn’t think she was doing anything wrong.

    I hope the state of Michigan feels good knowing that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, their tax dollars were subsidizing this young woman’s lottery habit. (“The more, the better,” right, Michigan politicians?)

    And that Ms. Clayton has no problem whatsoever feeding at the public trough as long as it’s allowed … regardless of her own circumstances. Maybe she was a TBTF banker, or automaker CEO, in her previous life?

    UPDATE 03/08: But wait! It appears that Ms. Clayton just got her Bridge card yanked once news of all this got out …
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