1. CareerBuilder: 42% Live Paycheck to Paycheck

    This year’s CareerBuilder financial survey is out, and the headline ain’t really a shocker: 42 percent of workers report living paycheck-to-paycheck.

    CareerBuilder: 2011 Financial Survey

    And, of workers who make six figures, CareerBuilder found that 14 percent reported living paycheck to paycheck, and 6 percent reported that they were unable to make ends meet every month.

    CareerBuilder also asked the roughly 5,200 workers surveyed what they would or wouldn’t be willing to give up if push came to shove. Percentages of workers who “absolutely would not do without” certain items were as follows:

    • Internet Connection — 56 Percent
    • Driving — 46 Percent
    • Mobile Phone — 42 Percent
    • Cable TV — 27 Percent
    • Eating Out — 11 Percent

    A full 21 percent of workers reported either dipping into savings or reducing retirement contributions within the last year in order to get by.

    What Happened to Last Year’s Numbers?

    Last year, I noted that CareerBuilder’s survey found 7 in 10 workers living paycheck to paycheck. Curiously, this year’s survey says that last year’s survey found not the oh-my-gosh rate of 7 in 10, but rather 4.3 in 10. And I see that Press Release 784 (my source/link) has disappeared from CareerBuilder’s archives. I don’t know if their methodology has changed, or if they’re now running their numbers through the Federal Agency of Enforced Statistical Correctness before releasing them. Gotta wonder just what went on, though.

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  2. 2 Responses to "CareerBuilder: 42% Live Paycheck to Paycheck" ...

    1. On September 7, 2011 @ 9:18 am,
      Monica Clark wrote:

      I have to give you props because you have the best pithy articles on issues of the day, and it definitely makes for good reading! I cringe when I read these type of statistics, because so many people feel that they are entitled to certain things in life “just because”, not through hard work or sacrifice. Most of us have had financial difficulties in life, but we learn from our mistakes,reduce expenses, work harder, and save for emergencies. Internet, cell phones, and cable are luxuries;food, shelter, and clothes are necessities. I wish more of us would get our priorities straight.



    2. On December 5, 2011 @ 3:13 pm,
      erowe wrote:

      Thank you for noting the weirdly disappearing stats on people living paycheck to paycheck. Here are their previous numbers and this revisionism is totally creepy.

      2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
      41% 43% 47% 61% 77%



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