1. Food Stamps: Where Does Your State Rank?

    Last month, I posted about the fact that roughly one in every eight Americans will participate in food stamp programs in the coming year.

    Now the Wall Street Journal presents us with an article, and accompanying chart, regarding each state’s participation in the program:

    WSJ: In U.S., Some 14% Rely on Food Stamps

    Turns out that my state, Oklahoma, shows up at #15 in the ranking of states with the highest percentage of population on food stamps. I can’t say I’m surprised that 16.5 percent of Oklahomans utilize food stamps, as the Sooner State has never been noted for any sort of widespread affluence. (We do likes us some crappy Easter baskets, though, uh huh.)

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    1. On November 14, 2010 @ 11:31 am,
      Debt Free Daniel wrote:

      I have not notice of that food stamp but Illinois rank rate is 13.1%. Is it that more people rely on food stamp nowadays? I guess it’s good to have an organization and sponsors so more will participate next time.



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