Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ducking the Student Loan Police

On internet message boards, you just never know what people will be talking about:

Etsy Forums: You Mean I Have to Pay It Back?

Some of those posts are really maddening. The comforting thing for me, I suppose, is that the Student Loan Police don't go away easily.

And also that I don't know anyone who majored in Underwater Art Theory.


— Posted by Michael @ 8:14 AM


Seriously? I can't imagine anyone not knowing that you have to pay it back. Don't they make you sign something saying that you will pay it back? I hope that this poster is joking.


If you hang out on bankruptcy forums, you will learn that they never discharge student loans. Not even if you are permanently disabled and totally unable to work.

Mine is on perpetual hiatus and no, I didn't major in art. I did community college and was trained in computer support. I still do that, but went from 51k a year to $10 an hour. I'm not really sure why I went into debt for that, as I was making 15k a year packing pears when I decided to go back to school. It doesn't much matter what you got the degree in, if you can't find a job. And the older you are, the less likely you are to find a job that pays anything. If I can manage to make enough to live on, now that I got rid of the house and most utilities, I will pay mine off. I think I borrowed 10k, paid on it for 5 years and now owe 11k. Likely, the loan will outlive me. (And, fyi, that loan is for both me and my husband. The technical writing training didn't help him either. He works part time as a janitor--the one job they can't seem to outsource.)

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