Monday, June 05, 2006

Carnival of Personal Finance, No. 51

The 51st edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance
is up and runnin' at Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge.

For what it's worth, the inclusion of my Opening a Child's ING DIRECT Account" article marks my first contribution to a blog carnival of any sort.

You'd figure that, with as long as I've been toiling away on this blog, I would've gotten off my duff and joined the Carnival crowd by now.

If anything, this proves without a doubt that I can procrastinate just as easily as the next guy.

— Posted by Michael @ 12:57 PM


Thanks for contributing and thanks for the link! You can sign up to host now that you've submitted. Though it's not for the lazy. Somehow I managed to get off my duff too.

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