Saturday, May 27, 2006

Index Of My Prosper Posts

I'll use this page to keep a running index of my posts concerning my adventures loaning money on

Posts in This Series
#8 (2007-01-07): Help Me Pay For Boobs
#7 (2006-08-04): Interviewed About Prosper
#6 (2006-06-10): Blogger Borrowing on Prosper
#5 (2006-02-13): Next Up With a Neat Idea:
#4 (2006-02-18): Trial Run on Prosper
#3 (2006-03-04): Updating My Prosper Experience
#2 (2006-03-15): First Prosper Repayment
#1 (2006-05-27): Prosper Update for May


— Posted by Michael @ 2:01 PM


Looking forward to hearing about your endeavors. Planning on becoming a lender as well.


Hey Michael,
I have a suggested formula for determining a rate from a lenders perspective. Not sure how you're currently getting at a rate, but I hope this might be of some help.



Advice: Be sure to check the current prosper market rates at the prosper loan statistic tool BEFORE posting your listing.

I listed with a rate too low because I was uninformed and thereby lost two weeks before I got a listing that was funded.

Anonymous Anonymous
, at 6:32 AM, July 25, 2006  
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