Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blogger Borrowing on Prosper

I learned late last night that my readers and I will have the opportunity to watch a fellow money-blogger give the Prosper borrowing process a shot.

Tricia, of Blogging Away Debt fame, has started a Prosper listing. She's looking to borrow $3,500, and you can watch the bidding process unfold until shortly after the listing closes:   Blogging Away Debt Listing

I am very interested to see how being a money-blogger — and more specifically, an "I want out of debt!" blogger — plays with Prosper lenders when it comes to funding a loan. If another blogger has attempted this route before, I'm not aware of it.

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— Posted by Michael @ 7:57 AM


Higher interest bearing loans must be replaced by low interest bearing loans and one must know the art to convert.Any good loan can be converted,any bank will do.


Is this safe ? What are your experiences ?

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