Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How Many CDs Do You Own?

JLP over at AllFinancial matters asks an interesting question:

How many CDs do you own?

Here's our answer: 2 laundry-baskets-full, plus one small bookshelf-full.

No, that's not an exact count, but when you have a 3-year-old daughter rampaging your living room, you give up on doing a lot of things "exact." For a few months there, one of our kid's favorite games was Scatter the CD Collection, so finally my wife gave up and just tossed most all of our tunes into a couple of laundry baskets. She then pushed said baskets out into our garage, where they still rest today.

Yes, I/we likely spent a TON of money on music CDs over the years. And who knows how many of them I purchased with student-loan money, or credit cards . . ..

Other CD tidbits — some shocking, some ridiculous, and none really personal-finance related:

  • First CD I Remember Purchasing: Expose: Exposure

  • My First CD Player: Pioneer home unit, ~$110, maybe late 1980s, purchased at Montgomery Ward.

  • I Have More [Insert Artist Here] CDs Than Any Other Artist: Van Halen.

  • # of CDs Purchased in Last 5 Years: Less than 10.

  • # of Popular Music (Rock, etc.) CDs Purchased in Last 5 Years: Less than 5.

  • I Am One of the Four People Who Bought Multiple CDs By: Debbie Gibson.

  • My Spouse Hates But I Still Love: Def Leppard.

— Posted by Michael @ 12:05 PM


Good post! I always thought Debbie Gibson was cute but I never bought any of her music. I'll add your little "facts" to my post.



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