1. OKC Total Money Makeover

    I feel a bit guilty.

    This afternoon I put in my order for two tickets to see Dave Ramsey at his OKC “Total Money Makeover” live event in February 2005.

    Dollar cost for The Wife and I to attend: $38.

    Cost per event hour per person: $3.80.

    Driving time to get there: 30 minutes, tops.

    Amount of credit-card debt I’ll have by then: $0.

    Amount of student-loan debt I’ll have by then: $2,100.

    So why guilty? Dunno. But that’s how I feel. Folks who’ve been reading my stuff for awhile know that of all the broad-base financial gurus out there, I respect Ramsey and his plan far more than anything anybody else has put forth. (I’m talking media-centric types here, like Suze Orman, Jean Chatzky, and David Bach. Those people, IMO, have a penchant for serving up mediocre advice, sound-byte aphorisms, and a hearty helping of fluff.)

    Now, I can get hardnosed with Dave, too, as I did in my review of his latest book. But he tends to dispense sharp, to-the-point advice, with little room for whiners or “woe is me” types. That’s what I like about him, mostly, and that’s why bits of Dave are all over this site. And I guess that’s why I’m looking forward to hearing him in person. Hearing him, that is, probably regurgitate everything I’ve ever heard from his radio show and everything I’ve heard from my 25+ readings of his Total Money Makeover audiobook. (Look, the guy is a great motivator. He keeps me on point. And local radio sucks.)

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