Monday, February 26, 2007

Interview: Clear Checkbook's Brandon O'Brien

For anyone who's interested in reading a pretty long article, swing over and check out my interview with Brandon O'Brien. He's the guy who created Clear Checkbook, a pretty new site that allows folks to track and manage their financial accounts, track their spending, and set up reminders ... for free.

And to think I actually used to use a paper checkbook register.


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— Posted by Michael @ 2:39 PM


A good resource Michael thanks for sharing.

Finance Guide 101

P.S. I didn't get this from your other post...By the way, Suze Orman is gay.????? when you write something like this it makes me curious to know what's that...:)


Okay ... linkage is now attached to the other post about the Suze Orman $100 promo.

Should make more sense now.

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