Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hiring Emmalee Bauer? Yuo = Dumb ^ 25

What would you say you ... DO ... here?Okay. This Emmalee Bauer thing just made me laugh too hard:

DesMoines Register: "Diary of a Goof-Off" "Woman Fired for Writing..."

Let's see if I have this right: So Ms. Bauer managed to compile a 300-page journal of personal minutiae — some sort of Autobiography of a Slacker undertaking. It's not enough that she pulled off this ... epic ... on company time; she even used various company resources to get the thing on paper (that's my impression, at least).

Then she got fired for it (go figure), filed for unemployment, was denied, appealed the denial, and got denied again — by a judge, this time, on account of the evidence of "desire to not work" contained in her journal.

That is too, too rich. I could pile on with the "government worker in training" and "union worker in training" jokes, but I shall refrain. However, a few musings:

1. If this woman isn't blogger material, I don't know who is.

2. Some publisher out there will buy her work. Mark it down. And it will sell. Who gets the proceeds, though (Ms. Bauer, or her former employer, who effectively paid her to write the thing) ... well, that's an interesting question.

3. What exactly were her managers doing all this time? Monitoring any tangible measure of productivity obviously wasn't in the cards.

4. If you're an employer, and Ms. Bauer's resume lands on your desk, do you use it to sop up the ketchupy remains from your lunchtime Whopper ... or do you forward it to your competitors? (Of course you'd attach glowing references.)


— Posted by Michael @ 4:01 PM


If you only knew!!!! She was granted unemployment the first time around. The manager at the Sheraton then found the journal and used that in the appeal. She was told she was let go because she "didnt fit in??" There was even a witness there. Just because you write your thoughts....doesnt mean those are your actions! She was never once written up for any misconduct and always did her job and sometimes even some of the managers own duties. If you still dont think something is wrong at this place, (The Sheraton Four Points in Des Moines) then ask your self why they never hired another Sales Coordinator and why the other 3 of the original sales team have resigned? Hmmm...wonder if maybe there was some other agenda going on at that place??????????? Let the truth be told! Also, the Des Moines Register seemed to like just taking exerpts from the document and using them to fit their angle for a hot story. Maybe it would be different if they added the truth, which would include a few complete sentences giving the entire context of the statements. This PERSONAL journal was done mostly off company time and to my knowledge was just simply that, personal thoughts to vent the frustrations of a HOSTILE work environment. Just because she felt something and put it in a journal, doesn't mean she acted upon it or didn't complete daily job duties. And just to reiterate, take a look back in my comments to see what has really happened at this hotel!
Someone Who Knows The Truth !

Anonymous Anonymous
, at 3:04 AM, January 23, 2007  

Lighten up, Emmalee.

-former coworker who remembers

Anonymous Anonymous
, at 9:11 AM, January 24, 2007  

Emmalee I see that you were up in the middle of night still writing ramblings. Geesh girl you need to quit wasting your life. You wasted time on the job writing in your journal years ago! Don't you think it is time to grow up & take some responsibilty... for something,,,,, anything? From a former co-worker

Anonymous Anonymous
, at 6:33 AM, January 25, 2007  

As for the former co-worker saying to calm down, I would guess that you are pretty buddy buddy with management or management yourself. I say when the management themselves learn how to take responsibilty for their actions, then maybe the employees will. Trust me I worked there to and there definately isn't any management taking ANY RESPONSIBILITY!


Amazing. I cannot believe she appealed when they maintained the journal for evidence. All those attorney fees for nothing.


Are you stupid Executive Decision? You there isn't attorneys for an unemployment appeal!!! No wonder people believe whatever they read.

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