Sunday, February 11, 2007

Credit Card Curtain

What to do with your next tub of cut-up credit cards:

Etsy: Target Curtain

I think that's a pretty neat idea. Not really my thing, decor-wise, but I bet somebody out there would dig it.

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— Posted by Michael @ 6:44 PM


I wanted to consolidate my debt and specially one Bank was just charging like anything for my Credit card outstanding.They charge normally 36% (but say we charge 3 %,which is monthly).Another credit card offer I got which said they will allow balance transfer at 0% for 6 months.I was too happy.First I will not have to pay good money for 6 month which this Bank would have charged,and meanwhile I will get time to pay back whole outstanding.Later,they informed they will not allow free transfer and the brochure which they have sent is printed wrong for which they said sorry.Their telling 'sorry'proved very costly.It is a trap one should avoid ,specially the middle class.If you have the ability to pay whole at one lot or if you are a planner one step ahead of them then it is OK.Enjoy some days free credit on your shopping.But Shopper too knows and you will not get cheap.

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