Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Buy Suze Orman's Book, Open Account, Get $100...

... in a year.

That's the promo-thing attached to Suze Orman's newest book, Women and Money. I haven't yet bought the book, so I can't say for sure how the deal works, but it looks to go something like this:

  1. Buy Suze's new book.

  2. Get offer code from book.

  3. Head to and click to open a "Save Yourself" account at TDAmeritrade.

  4. Open account with at least $50.

  5. Sign up to make automatic monthly deposits of at least $50 to the account.

  6. Wait a year. Watch account balance creep upward (hopefully).

  7. Pocket the $100 TD Ameritrade gives you for doing all this, plus the interest on the account (4.59% APR as of right now).

  8. Spend your newfound $108 (you sold Ms. Orman's book on eBay shortly after purchase, right?) on beer and cheap thrills.

Well, maybe she didn't draw it up that way. But her way is probably boring. And who am I to follow Suze's admonitions now?

Note: Oh, and like Suze practically screams at us, I also don't make a penny from TD Ameritrade. Unless you count the Roth IRAs and other brokerage accounts I have with them. Because, like, you know, they pay me interest and stuff.

By the way, Suze Orman is gay.

Yeah, it's an old rumor, and I don't think anyone out there could be truly surprised by this. My thoughts?




That is all.

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— Posted by Michael @ 6:56 PM


I always wondered who liked Suze Orman until yesterday. A friend of mine (24) asked me what a mortgage was. I think us more financially knowledgeable just assume that everyone is like us....

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