Friday, January 19, 2007

Twelve Freakin' Dollars

To the customer who recently purchased the (used) 2004 Cadillac Escalade from another dealership, brought it to us when the "Check Tire Pressure" lamp came on, and then blew a gasket when she found out she'd have to spend $12 to repair the flat tire:

Thanks. You really made me laugh. And here's some info for you:

The Good News: Because you're driving a Cadillac Escalade, onlookers might actually think you're actually in such a wonderful money position that spending twelve dollars is a meaningless financial event for you.

The Bad News: Your truck's warranty will expire in roughly 4,760 miles. Having your credit card decline when you attempt to pay for a twelve dollar flat repair hints that you're in no condition to pay for all the ... uh ... more significant ... repairs that you're destined to encounter. In fact, judging from my experience, Life seems very much on the brink of dishing out some All-You-Can-Eat, Szechuan-Style, Spicy-Hot Ownage to your pocketbook.


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— Posted by Michael @ 8:53 AM


$10 says the truck was probably previously wrecked.

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