Sunday, January 07, 2007

Help Me Pay for Boobs

No, not me. That'd be weird. However, this young Prosper borrower is looking for assistance:

Prosper Listing: Help Me Look My Best...

And this is her fourth listing (2 withdrawn, 1 expired previously) in her quest for more-expansive ... tracts of land, to borrow a Monty Python-ism. If the listing has expired by the time you read this post, here are a couple of screenshots:

Screenshot #1Screenshot #2

This is why folks (like me) who enjoy behavioral finance, and watching people interact with their money overall, really get a kick out of Prosper. Where else would we have the opportunity to see people showcase their money issues and personal foibles like this?

It's sort of like Reality TV, but with finances.

My Prosper Update

As of the end of 2006, my small-scale Prosper lending adventure is in the red.

I've been a participating lender in a total of six loans, one of which defaulted in December. The five remaining loans are all current, with an average interest rate of 9.7%. (The defaulted borrower was B-rated, FWIW.)

My initial investment in Prosper was $300. Right now my account value stands at ~$277. Cash makes up roughly $67 of that, so I'm watching Prosper listings again for suitable loans.

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— Posted by Michael @ 10:02 AM


What a great site (Prosper) and great blog (yours)! I need to look into this more. Behavioral finance is also my emphasis. This is my kinda thing, right up my alley ;).


I think the key is getting more diversity in your loans. With just 6 loans, one bad one really spoils everything. One in 20 of my loans are 3+ months right now and I'm with very high risk loans (average around a D).

As for the boobs, thing, I wish her luck. With just an HR rating, she's never going to get funded. She can try to list a few more times, but I don't see it.


Mathematically, yes. I need more loans.

Matrimonially, no. My wife would shoot me.


oh geez. she looks fine enough in the picture (if it's even her). it's too bad she's not happy w/ the way she is. seems like an awfully bad reason, and you have to wonder how the fiance is if he isn't stopping her from doing this.


Wow, you had a B default. That's sobering. I guess it can happen, though. I've got 19 loans out with no defaults yet. Only made about $10 in interest though, so one default will put me in the red.


Or she could just sign up for a free boob job over at it's essentially the same thing as Prosper, but specifically for breast implants.

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