Thursday, November 02, 2006

How Much Grocery Spending, Part 2

Every day, it seems, more and more Google searchers end up at IYM and Money Musings looking for guidance on grocery spending. I don't have any answers, really, but I can sure tell you what my family spends on groceries and eating out. (We're two adults and one almost-four-year-old, living in Oklahoma.)

For the quarter ended September 30, 2006, our food spending (no household consummables in there; I categorize it separately) looked like this:

Food / Dining Out: $140/month
Food / Groceries: $366/month
Total: $506/month

Boy, when I look at my numbers from the past (see "Related Articles" below), I'm sure seeing some nasty increases in these items ...

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Don't feel too bad, my calculations show $141.18 for groceries and $266.97 for eating out every month. And that's just one person! Gosh that's a lot of money I spend on eating.


Here's a site that may help. US Govt to the rescue again!


Whoops. forgot to include the link

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