Friday, November 25, 2005

More on Household Grocery Spending

While reading a frugality-based discussion board last week, I stumbled upon what might be the best source I've yet seen for comparison of one's grocery and household expenses.

Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

Look on the right side of the page, and in the vertical column of links you should see a hyperlink for "USDA Food Plans." Next to that you'll find a link to their latest data PDF. In this case, it's the October '05 Update.

If you're searching for amounts to which you can compare your family's grocery expenses, these PDFs seem like a great start.


2005-06:   "How Much Grocery Spending?"

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— Posted by Michael @ 10:25 PM


This pdf provides great perspective. Thanks for the insight. It seems to go right in hand in hand with perspective principles found at Thanks for the heads-up.


These numbers are great. If people would use them for their personal budgeting projections it would save a ton of time and energy in worry and frustration.


Here the manufacturer of consumers'favourite items comes.Spending on grocery items has gone up over the time,and it is their market.More plans you make to curtail your budget,more it will go up.May be you will not agree.If not then please mail me.I will share my experience with you.


Michael, this is *great*...thanks for pointing it out.

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