Saturday, September 30, 2006

Debit Card Hazards ... Again

Lisa at Contentment is Wealth has a very nice post entitled "The Final, FINAL Word on Debit and Credit Card Liability."

Her post is complete with links to FTC pages and interview questions posed to actual HUMANS at that same government department. (Yeah, I know. I was shocked, too.)

We money-bloggers have absolutely beaten this topic to a pulp. This is good, because Dave Ramsey is still out there touting his "exact same protections afforded to debit cards and credit cards" spiel. Well, as blog readers know, Dave is wrong. (And this isn't the first time.)

I suspect that Dave makes this stand mostly because he's looking to blow up any and every excuse ("Money Myths," as he calls them) for someone to swipe a credit card rather than pay with cash they already have. His audience won't whip out the "But in some ways, credit cards are safer than debit cards" retort because Dave's position on this is so well known ... and nobody wants to argue with him about it any longer.

If you'd like to read more on the topic of debit-card fraud, check out my Interview with Debit Card Victims. Also, at the bottom of that article is a list of my related posts on this topic.

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Michael, I am glad you found the post informative. Thanks for the mention. While I do appreciate a lot of what Dave Ramsey says, I wish he didn't tout Visa's "Zero Liability" policy so strongly. In a prior post, I told of how I put the "Zero Liability" policy to my bank and they responded with, "we follow the rules set by the FTC" (essentially). When in doubt - ASK YOUR BANK. Their position and the position of the FTC are the only ones that likely matter!

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