Monday, October 09, 2006

"You Guys Can Do This!"

Anybody else seen this Century 21 commercial lately?

That ad makes me shudder. Can't you just feel that couple burying themselves in a mortgage they have NO business taking on? How about that look (contempt? disbelief?) on the wife's face at 00:14 in the clip? Impressive.

Here's the question that runs through my mind: "Okay, Suzanne. What happens when the zero-down, stated-income ARM resets, our kids are older and even more expensive, and the cars we had earlier weren't 'nice' enough to fit in that huge garage, so we upgraded those, too? What then?"

It does take on a whole new (amusing) meaning when you follow it up with this one:

YouTube: "Real Financial Heroes" (Series)

I haven't seen that Century 21 commercial run in a while. Hmmm ... wonder why?

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Yeah, I remember thinking how stupid that commercial was too.

JLP at AllFinancialMatters

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