Sunday, October 22, 2006

So Where Are the Seeds?

I've never actually seen a Money Tree in real life, I don't think. But I think it's a totally cool idea.

The Money Tree pictured here (click to see a larger version) was created by ExcelGeek, the guy behind the World's Best Freedom Account spreadsheet, which I happily offer on my main site.

Of course I asked him how he built the thing. For anyone interested in such details, this was his response:

I used common suspended-ceiling wire (cheap), cut into odd lengths; gathering the wire together with a couple of hose clamps and bent it into a tree-like shape. The base end is flared and planted (like rebar) into a "glob" (highly technical term) of plaster of paris, which I stained brown to look like dirt and sealed it with about 10 coats of polyurethane. The whole thing stands about 3-1/2 feet tall and is very solid.

ExcelGeek built the Money Tree as a gift for his parents on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Congrats, Mom and Dad ExcelGeek! Now you know what your son does in his spare time!

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