Friday, July 21, 2006

Grocery Spending Revisited

At Blogging Away Debt, Tricia has brought up a topic that I haven't examined in a while: Grocery Spending. She's looking to get her grocery bills down.

Tricia's household and mine share similar demographics. And our spending reflects that somewhat. (I suspect that the cost-of-living here in Oklahoma is cheaper than her locale, though.)

For the last six months, my household (two adults and one almost-4yo) grocery expenses averaged $350 per month. Our dining-out expenses averaged $161/month for the same period. My "grocery" category includes pretty much only food and drink; all other household consumables fall under my "household" category. For the last six months, we averaged spending $236 per month on such household items.

A year ago, as related in this grocery spending post, we were averaging about $367/month for groceries, $87/month for dining out, and $232/month for household items.

So our average grocery spending is down a little year over year, dining out expenses are up A LOT, and household-consumables are about the same. I feel as though there's been decent inflationary pressure on the prices of these items, but that's going purely on gut feeling. I haven't been using my Price Book spreadsheet at all, or else I could pinpoint such pricing changes.

Anyhow, I feel okay about the grocery and household expenses. The dining out, on the other hand, probably needs some trimming. I've not been paying much attention to it lately, and that will have to change.


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I'm attempting to spend just over $20 ($21.29)/week on groceries for myself for 12 weeks, starting back on June 26, as part of my Cheapass Fitness Challenge.

The full challenge is to do a 12 week physical transformation a la Body-For-Life, including gym fees, equipment, required supplements/vitamins, and enough groceries to feed me six healthy meals a day for $40/week.

Normally, the monthly grocery bill for me and my boyfriend combined is between $200-$240, with an additional $30 for shared dining out expenses. He also tends to buy his lunch on weekdays, but that comes out of his own personal account, so I don't track it. I spend no more than $12 a month on restaurant lunches in a typical month.

It's amazing how low your grocery bill can go when you cut out processed, packaged convenience foods, buy only produce that is in season, bulk purchase and freeze meat when it is at loss leader prices, and drink water instead of more liquid calories in the form of soft drinks, juice, alcohol, etc.

And you look and feel a lot better, too, LOL.


Grocery spending never constitute the major part of expenditure done by one ,what ever calculations one may make.It is other expenses that need to be curtailed.The phenomena is common through out the world.

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