Saturday, October 01, 2005

Think You've Got Drive?

If there's one thing I just hate to see, it's people who harbor an overriding sense of entitlement. Judging from what I see on a daily basis — both in the news and in my day-to-day life — I would say that it's becoming more and more pervasive.

So many people seem to exist under the preconception that the world owes them something. The "What can you do for me?" mentality has, for whatever reason, seeped throughout our culture: Too many people don't what to be responsible for what they do. They don't want to be accountable for what they do. They don't want to work, or take the difficult path to anything, if they can avoid it.

Or, as in the case of our $139 in Debt couple, they make poor choices in life — repeatedly make poor choices — and then when the walls start crumbling, they look to the courts to bail them out.

Then, in wonderful and stark contrast, you have someone like this:

Kyle Maynard

I took a moment to watch Kyle's segment of 20/20 last night, and I cannot tell you how much admiration I have for that young man. He's obviously very intelligent, carries himself with amazing maturity, and is very well-spoken. This guy will go on to accomplish tremendous things. He will, and already has, overcome obstacles that I cannot even imagine.

And all the while, entirely too many of the rest of us will sit around and bemoan our circumstances in life. We'll shake our heads at all the "bad breaks" we've gotten. We'll wonder why things have to be so tough, why the world hasn't yet laid out the red carpet for us. Or even an Astroturf doormat.

I want to be clear about this: I'm not writing this as a blanket condemnation. (Although, given the attitudes of some of the people I've come into contact with at work lately, perhaps I should!) It's just that I was moved by Kyle's story last night. It prompted me to give serious consideration to what I've really accomplished thus far in my life. What have I asked of myself? What have I asked of others?

Sometimes it's good to take a moment and take stock of what you have ... what you've truly earned ... and what you can offer to the rest of the world.

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