Sunday, September 04, 2005


Anybody else get this from Citibank?

Yes, that's a thank-you gift of sorts from Citibank for being a Valued Citi Dividend Platinum Select cardmember. The small package on the right is an envelope of wildflower seeds.

My wife will probably put those seeds to good use, but as for me, this strikes me as a really silly promo for a credit card. Seeds? Seeds?

It's original, I guess. Goodness knows that neither Capital One, nor Chase, nor any of the other legions of card companies have ever sent me a flap of flower seeds. So there's some stand-apart-ness to this. Plus I'm blogging about it, so it must be a good promotion on their part, right?

I've yet to pay Citibank a single cent in interest or fees, and if my plan holds, I never will. So now I have them on the hook for the 1%/5% cash rewards on purchases ($300 per year) ... and a bag of wildflower seeds.

Golly. Such a deal.

Although I doubt that Citibank's flowers will fare any better than any of the others that I inadvertently hack to pieces with my WeedEater.

— Posted by Michael @ 1:08 AM


The seeds are an analogy to get the interest growing on your card by using it more often... How dare they not make money off of you! LOL

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