Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What's New at Yahoo Finance?

Approximately eight columnists, that's what.

Thanks to Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity for pointing out that I will, in the future, have even less time to get tangible stuff done around the house.

I just can't resist financial columns (ones that don't relentlessly pump stocks, at least). And now Yahoo! Finance will have a whole new set of columnists.

Looks like Suze will have some company in Yahoo-land.

— Posted by Michael @ 12:19 AM


Of course I'm looking forward to Ben Stein's columns. I was disappointed to see that Kiyosaki is among the ranks. When I look at the knowledge and writing of Dr. Siegel and then think that Robert is in the same listing...that just makes me sick.

He had a few good tidbits in "Rich Dad". His other books have been nothing but drivel.


I get confused.I doubt whether the portfolio shown are really mine or not.I mean,I own them or they are just Index.

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