Monday, August 22, 2005

Lack of Posts Upcoming

Just for anyone who might care:

I probably won't be rolling out much new content here in the immediate future. A new project — one that's directly related to my daytime persona — is garnering most of my attention at the moment.
So no . . . don't call the authorities. I'm not dead. Or otherwise incapacitated.

Just a wee bit preoccupied.

— Posted by Michael @ 10:41 AM


we care! Come back soon ;)


It's good to see you working on some side projects!

I too am absolutely swamped with side projects. Will this be your first project of this sort?




Yes, I guess so. When I think of all the content I've created to get this site to where it is, well, the thought of taking that task on once more is pretty daunting.

But as they say — if you love doing it, it's not really work.

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