Sunday, October 02, 2005

Home Depot Radio Ads

Anybody else heard these Home Depot radio ads? Here's the final tag-line of the promo, spoken so encouragingly by the narrator:

Don't put off the project ... put off the payments!

I can only shake my head at this stuff, imagining all the consumers out there who think this is a good deal. Or are simply too impatient to handle the financing of their home-improvement tasks intelligently. Home Depot may be pushing this "no payments for a year" program on TV, too. If so, I haven't been paying attention.

Anyway, here's my suggestion for a new Home Depot banner:

— Posted by Michael @ 12:44 PM


That brought a smile to my face, Michael. Thanks for a laugh.



Love the new banner! It's a sick thing they (and everyone else) are doing to the consumer. And it's sick the consumer lets it happen so easily.


I've always thought this when shopping at Target (we love Target). Posted in all their shopping carts is an ad for their store credit card with the slogan "The easy way to pay".

"The easy way to debt" is more like it.

If I can't finance my toilet paper then I don't know what I'll do...


Hey mr. It's Your Money...I've just started updating my personal finance blog again and have a link to your site...maybe you could return the favor?


While I agree that it is bad for most of the general public who don't have the money to pay for the home improvement, for those that do, it's a great deal (if you were planning a home improvement anyway).

Simply place the money you already have in your online bank account and earn 4% until you have to pay it off.



If someone has the money to pay for the home improvement project, and elects to utilize a 0% offer in combination with an interest-bearing account -- 4%, say, as in your example -- that's fine.

I'd include such a plan -- and that's the key: it's a plan, rather than an impulse! -- in my caveat of "financing their home-improvement tasks intelligently."



I think we're totally on the same page - I just wanted to mention that in certain instances it could be a good deal.

It's just like credit cards - depending on how you use them, they can be a wonderful deal or keep you in debt forever.


How about:

"If you'd like to bury yourself in debt, we've got the shovels."


Everybody Loves Your Money


Hahahaha. So true! I work at The Home Depot and I absolutely REFUSE to offer people credit cards and all that junk with the 12 months no payments / no interest.

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