Monday, June 27, 2005

The Misery of Budgeting?

Not sure how much I agree or disagree with parts of this, but it's good reading, nonetheless: "The Misery / Necessity of Budgeting"

— Posted by Michael @ 1:13 PM


Forcibly mingle,make jugglery with the figures so that it looks a rosy and bright balanace sheet allthe way and the company is all poised for a brilliant growth.And the budget,make the performance budgeting in such a way that it shows 200% growth.Add the environmental,political and other inputs what ever is possible.At least host a good party to get the budget approved.


Next is the action part.That too can have a Mida's touch.Nedded is the trick and trial.Or givereasons that is most important issue ofthe time or divert the issuealtogether.

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