Monday, June 20, 2005

Remember Wade Cook?

In the late 1990s, he had books — lots of them. He had seminars — big ones. He had TV and radio infomercials — they hit the airwaves almost incessantly, as I recall.

But now it's 2005, and this is what's left.

I just shake my head. There's something off-kilter about watching companies in the business of providing "financial education seminars" go belly-up.

I never read a single Wade Cook book, though I still see them on B&N bookshelves. I do remember hearing his infomercial ads, and occasional brief interviews, on before-dawn Bloomberg radio back in 1998 and 1999. His name, back then, was certainly "out there," as they say.

Honestly. Check out the published titles attributable to Mr. Cook:

Wall Street Money Machine.
Wealth 101.
Brilliant Deductions.
Wall Street Money Machine, Volume 2 (Money Miracles).
Wall Street Money Machine, Volume 3.
Wall Street Money Machine, Volume 4.
Wall Street Money Machine, Volume 5.
Real Estate Money Machine.
Safety 1st Investing.

And the list goes on.

Anybody want to help out Mr. Cook now, I wonder? I'll get us started by suggesting a fave of mine:

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Most of these types sell seminars and books, not sound financial advice.


RE: Wade Cook

It is hard to believe but people still buy his old books and CDs at Even harder to believe is the fact that some of these people actually write glowing reviews of his products. Am I missing something????


Fact is, he made a lot of money being an amazing marketer of his products. As a former employee and someone who has been through all of his courses for free, I know what is real and what was bullsh**. He has some good information for a beginner that wants to learn the basics and maybe a few advanced methods. The truly amazing thing is this man made more money (18m in two years from 110m in business) on a percentage basis than the CEO of General Motors did after an increase in market cap of 120 billion! Whats more, he is back. That's right, he's still going, if you can believe it. Take a look. New company, new marketing scheme. Is he a financial guru? No, but he does have a talent to bounce back and prey on the bottom feeders. Sad, but true.


RESTITUTION AND PROBATION should do shouldn't it.Im not a Justice and I know noboby is considered to be above the law if theres any truth whatsoever to his trial and sentencing at all and if its not all just media hype I don't know much about it however I personally believe that he thought he was doing the right thing. Its ASTONISHING that no one seens to have anything good whatsoever to say about a man thats tried to do so much for people in the way of bussiness, banking, stocks and real estate I know that I have personally learned a lot from his books and him and I believe that he was and is under the direction of spiritual direction. IT'S ASTONISHING to even ever believe that no one would ever have had anything whaesoever good to say about him and still don't have anything good to say about him whatsoever today. I can't understand that nor can I understand the difference between media hype, crimes, p.r., lies , freedom ect. and am very glad that I'll never be called on to Judge it. They all seem to say that none of his stradigies work and that they never ever have however if they would simple backtest the stradigies and see how they have worked in the past I believe that they would see how much money that they have made in the past and how much money that they may make in the future. Take for instance the Y2K PLAN (Thats the one that introduced the Euro in THE YEAR 2000) Had you invested $10,000 in the crosses in the year 2000 and let them roll over ( you know that that amount has since then doubled about at least 37 times that equals : $10'000 + $10,000 equals $20,000 that's 1 time + $20,000 thats 2 times equals $40,000 + $40,000 equals $80,000 ect. and you have another 34 times to count thats comes out to be you made about $525 trillion,131 billion,918 million, 880 thousand,000 dollors on a $10,000 dollor investment over the last 7 years not bad for doubling time like Wade tells you to always figure first IT'S ASTONISHING that no one seems to have anything good to say about the man now that he's waiting on sentencing. Im glad the Candian dollors back down to 1.04 thats just about where it was when I first read one of Mr.Cook's books I don't know were it leaves the economy however I hope the King don't steal him or worst yet he comes into contact with any criminals wouldn't RESTITUTION AND PROBATION DO I DON'T THINK HE'S A CROOK.

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