Sunday, June 19, 2005

Cost of Living Calculator

"Would you be better off someplace else?" asks Take a stab at finding out with their handy-dandy ...

Cost-of-Living Calculator

I know of at least one similar calculator on the 'net. The one at is superior, in my opinion.

Speaking of, they've also released their June 2005 edition of "TV Dads' Salaries." Such a list might mean more to me if I actually watched TV (other than news and sports, with an occasional dusting of The Simpsons). However, since one of Juliet Schor's main theories in The Overspent American is that many Americans tend to try to emulate the lifestyles of the families they see on TV, this might have some significance: "TV Dads: Real-Life Salaries Nearly $200,000"

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I live in the Baltimore metro area... and I was looking for someplace to move. I couldn't find a single location on this calculator where I wouldn't have lost money. I never realized our cost of living to salary ratio was that good. Guess I'd better stay.

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, at 9:51 PM, June 20, 2005  
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