Sunday, June 26, 2005

Paycheck to Paycheck

Somehow I missed this little snippet:

AC Nielsen: "U.S. Consumers Continuing To Live Paycheck To Paycheck"

And some commentary on it:

Barbara Whelehan: "No Spare Cash?"

And some stuff to think about in this one:

NY Times: "Maybe Saving Money is Just for Chumps"

Akst is definitely correct in that very few government-instituted policies exist to encourage saving. Saving money via reduced consumption?

Bah. Preposterous.

— Posted by Michael @ 11:02 PM


Ever hear of the tyranny of the majority? Just because people do what they do doesn't mean they're smart; it just means they haven't been royally, mercilessly, relentlessly screwed by their mistakes.

I save. I sleep soundly at night. I'm doing the right thing for me.


People with Pay cheque feel smart and people without or with it play smarter.

Money is everything,is not it? What is not possible for general human needs ?With your Pay cheque in anticipation,spend with the market where so many consumer durables and other things are so cheap,and when the Cheque ultimately arrives you are in Red,worried for present and coming month.

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