Monday, June 06, 2005

Might Be Good; Might Be Bad ...

... But it's still free.

If you're into classical music, and Beethoven in particular, you'll want to check this out:

BBC: The Beethoven Experience

Such a deal: All of Beethoven's nine symphonies, free for downloading. It's a limited-time thing, so you'll need to pay attention to dates. Navigate that obstacle, though, and you'll have free (good) music.

And whilst I'm thinking about it, a very good place to peruse classical music CDs is Naxos' claim to fame? Quality classical recordings at really nice prices — usually $9 or so if you buy them via Amazon. Plus you can get absolutely lost (in a good way) in their website.

The Naxos CDs in my library are all high-quality recordings, and very much worth the money.

And if you have a half-day to kill, Naxos' "Classical Music Experience" (free w/registration) offers an extensive online classical-music tutorial, complete with audio segments.

If you're really cheap, ClassiCat is a directory of free classical recordings available for download on the 'net. Why, just tonight I tracked down some pretty good Mozart MP3s through there . . ..

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thanks for the free beethoven!!!! :)


Free music is good.
Specially for those long plane trips.

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Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely going to enjoy the symphonies.

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