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A reader who works for the bankruptcy courts asked if I could put together a "Bankruptcy Matrix" worksheet to make her life a bit easier. She asked for a specific set of columns (info requested by the court system) so that the worksheet might be easily usable as a tool for doing a mail-merge document.

The task didn't sound too difficult, so I gave it a try. Here's a quick screenshot in Excel 2010:


My resulting "Excel Bankruptcy Matrix" spreadsheet can be downloaded below:

Download Spreadsheet

Like almost all of my spreadsheets, the worksheets are protected by default, but not password-protected. So you can unprotect each worksheet, then resize and customize all you'd like.

Bankruptcy Matrix: A Few Notes

Since this worksheet is intended to be little more than a listing of debts, there aren't any fancy formulas involved. About the only thing here which might require a bit of is the "Type of Debt" column (Column L).

Column L of the worksheet utilizes Excel's "Data Validation" feature. This is so that users will see a drop-down menu, and can choose from one of three bankruptcy-related debt types:

  • Secured
  • Unsecured
  • Priority Unsecured

This three-item list can be found in (hidden) Cells J1, J2, and J3.

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