Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Electric Orange Debit Card Limits

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An email I received yesterday informs me that ING Direct has recently changed the transaction limits on their Electric Orange debit Mastercard. (More specifically, they've changed the limit for signature-based debit-card transactions.)

So, as of today, here are the current limits for the Electric Orange debit Mastercard:

  • Signature-based ("Credit") Transactions: $5,000 per Day

  • PIN-based ("Debit") Transactions: $25,000 per Day

  • ATM Withdrawals: $1,000 per Day

And here's the text of their email:

Important Update:
Electric Orange Debit MasterCard Transaction Limit

The new daily limit for all signature-based Electric Orange Debit MasterCard transactions is now $5,000. A signature-based transaction is any card transaction where you don't enter a PIN or choose 'Credit' versus 'Debit' at checkout. Keep in mind that this update does not affect the daily limit on PIN-based transactions, which is $25,000.

Since we're on the topic, here are some other relevant Electric Orange limits as well:

  • "Person2Person" Transfers: $5,000 per Day

  • "Bill Pay," "Mail a Check," "Overnight a Check": $100,000 per Transaction

Way more info than you probably ever wanted to know can be found at ING's Electric Orange Terms and Conditions. Also, curious souls may wish to check my Electric Orange review for my thoughts on Electric Orange checking accounts. (I love mine!)

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— Posted by Michael @ 8:10 AM


That is too funny, our usual limit is about $30.
$5000 is no problem for us.

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