Monday, June 29, 2009

Fireworks: Most You've Spent?

Question for the readership:

What's the most you've spent on fireworks for one Fourth of July?

With a little under a week to go, my household has spent just a smidge over a hundred bucks on multicolored pyrotechnics and assorted versions of Dismemberment in a Tube.

And of that hundred bucks, a hefty chunk was for a 24-piece set of Excalibur shells. I can admit it: My inner Beavis always wanted to do some of these...

Anyway, this is the most I can remember spending in quite a while ... probably back to my high-school days. Which is ironic, because I feel about as unpatriotic and generally politically discouraged these days as I ever have.

Given the state of things economically, I'm also curious: Wonder how the fireworks stands will be making out this year...


— Posted by Michael @ 8:31 AM


Hmmm ... my hubby is usually good for over a hundred bucks a year in July 4th spending.

I guess it's more fun than lighting dollar bills and throwing them into the air....

Anonymous Dianne T.
, at 9:50 AM, June 29, 2009  

We are spending ZERO! My neighbors spend tons so we are watching for free! Yes the same neighbors that have a high risk pregnancy going or the ones that won't pay for child care. Funny what some peope priorities are!

Anonymous Anonymous
, at 9:37 PM, June 30, 2009  
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