Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Clicks Away: Your Old 1040s

I'm told by this month's Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine that the IRS plans to provide taxpayers with online access to their previous years' tax returns ... soon.

For a guy like me who's kept copies of every tax return he's ever filed, the fact that the new IRS online service will allow us to view and print our tax-account information for up to three previous years is no biggie. But for some folks, it might be helpful. Until, of course, the IRS site is hacked by some 11-year-old grocery-bagging ne'er-do-well from Duluth.

Here's a decent snag from the article:

By year-end, the new "my IRS" accounts could be accessible through a supersecure portal of the agency's web site, www.irs.gov. At first, you'll likely be able to view and print return data and other account information going back three years. As the system develops, you may be able to file for an extension, request a change of address, or do other tasks online.

Well, goodie. Though I would've thought that most people would already have fairly-quick access to something as important as one's previous tax returns.

Ah, but there I go again — assuming Joe and Jane Sixpack actually have a shred of organization in their lives.


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This is good news. I'm really anxious to save the money this year.

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