Wednesday, September 03, 2008

One Calamity Away

If you can do so, set aside about 18 minutes to watch the August 22 segment of PBS' Bill Moyers' Journal:

PBS / Bill Moyers' Journal: "One Calamity Away"

"So America's middle class, our 'fearful families' as some people call them, is taking it on the chin," Moyers tells viewers in his monologue. "The history-making nominations aside, all the rhetoric from all the speakers at next week's Democratic Convention will be so much hot air above the Rockies unless the party comes to grip with how people are living and hurting today."

Worth a looksie.

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— Posted by Michael @ 9:07 AM


I'm going to read the Moyers piece. I am sure I will be sympathetic to some of the stories. On the other hand, I read and hear so much anecdotal stuff about financial troubles but they never give us the complete picture on what people are spending their money on. Car payments? Massive credit card debt? Smoking? Starbucks? That can change attitudes in a hurry.


No, no, no. The important thing to remember is that it was always just "bad luck." And thus, could happen to anyone.



I watched the Moyer piece. Couldn't help but notice the 1st lady with the tatoos. Looks like the 3 kids have 3 different fathers. Any mention of the fathers, besides child support? She was on-track to make 80k, so how much was she making?
Where did it go? People need to take some responsibility. I guess it could be just bad luck.. could happen to anybody...


I work in the lawsuit financing field and it's always tough to hear some of these stories. You want to help everyone you come across but that's not possible. Too bad the system is designed to do these people in.

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