Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Products That Seemed Expensive, But Turned Out Worth It

Here's what I'd like to hear about: Can you think of any items you purchased that seemed expensive at the time you bought them — perhaps to the point that you felt guilty about buying the product (or service) at all — but which over time became items that were worth every bit of their price ... and then some?

Here's what'd be in my list:

  • Brita In-Fridge Water Filter
    I don't remember how much it cost, but I remember thinking it was "too much." Now I love the thing, and wouldn't go without it. I never realized how "bleh" our water tasted until Brita showed me otherwise.

  • My Laptop
    It cost me nearly a thousand dollars, but I've used the crap out of it. And now I'm probably totally dependent on the thing. It's allowed me to do a lot more with IYM and Money Musings, and by extension, it's allowed me to bring in more on-the-side income than I could've done otherwise. But at the time, buying my Dell laptop sure caused me some internal grief.

  • 1995 Honda Accord
    We paid around $12,500 for the car in 1996, and that sure seemed like a lot of money. But for a Pragmatic Car Guy like me, that little 5-speed turned out to be an absolute dream. And seriously: I wish we still had it.

  • Olympus C2040ZOOM Digital Camera
    We bought our first digital camera (an Olympus) in 1999 or 2000. If memory serves, we paid almost $600 for it, batteries and all. And guess what? We're still using it. And it still takes great pictures. Want proof? Go look at pictures of my wife's handmade jewelry (shameless plug intended).

  • LitterMaid Automatic Litterbox
    Dude, it's poop. Cat poop. It's yucky, stinky, nasty ... but our 10-years-old Littermaid keeps Taking Care of Business. (Caveat: I've heard the new Littermaid machines aren't nearly so durable.)

What's on your list? Anything worth mentioning? Anything I need to rush out and buy — say, YESTERDAY?

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— Posted by Michael @ 10:30 AM


Magellan Navigation system. It was $400-$500 when I bought it. However, moving to a new part of the country and me with no sense of direction makes it well worth it.


My wife and I purchased a 20 cubic foot upright Frigidaire freezer 4 years ago. Best $400 I ever spent. We can now buy in bulk and have saved the price of the freezer several times over by doing so. We also buy seasonal foods and put them up as well.

Anonymous Anonymous
, at 9:09 PM, April 18, 2007  

Here is my view:
1.I purchased a mobile with all facilities available those days.It was 2001 and model was Sony Ericsson T 610.Now when I watch the present price list and ranges of mobiles available,I feel,I am outdated.When I wanted to resale dealer quoted a throw away price.I am forced to use.
2.I purchased one Acer Laptop long back with good price.But when I see the ranges and facilities available in present day laptops with cheaper price tags ,I feel I made a hasty decision.
3.Always things are costlier when you purchase first and soon it gets out dated.
Do not say on vintage.Its not years and years old purchase things that we are discussing about.
Any electronic gadget gets outdated very soon and we just feel happy having the scrap and this to console yourself.You can not keep nor you can throw.Feel what good you have.My T 610 price has fallen down and now it is less than 25% of what I paid.My laptop is outdated.I can not run nor option for upgrade is available from the manufacturer.Just keep,like my old car which wants evry month a good money for maintenance and the selling price will be just negligible.


My U-75 Garment Bag on Wheels from Briggs & Riley falls into this category. The company's motto is, "Guaranteed for life. Simple as that," so I'll never buy another suitcase again.


Back in the Jurassic, my Dad bought a calculator when they first appeared - to the tune of several hundred dollars. Nowadays, of course, they're given away attached to keychains.

A few years after he'd bought it, when the price had dropped like a stone, I asked him how he felt about it. Just fine, thanks; he'd gotten tremendous use out of it, and it had been worth every penny to him.

If it's worth it to you, it's worth it, even if the price drops later.

Anonymous La BellaDonna
, at 8:25 AM, April 25, 2007  

I've gotta go for TiVo on this one. When I bought it, it was $150 + $300 for lifetime service. I added a bigger hard drive for another $50. Five years later and I still say "I love this TiVo," everytime I use it. And if it ever breaks, I'd shell out the cash again.

Anonymous JuryDuty
, at 4:48 PM, April 26, 2007  

Definitely the litter maid. I don't know why I didn't buy it sooner.

Anonymous Anonymous
, at 1:22 PM, April 29, 2007  
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