Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MyFICO Promotional Code

See How Lenders See Your FICO Score
A few days ago I decided it was about time to check my FICO score (or, at least, my FICO at one of the three credit bureaus). I closed out my latest credit-card arbitrage play earlier this year, and I wanted to make sure my credit score had recovered. (It had; it's now back above 800.)

In any case, I had to call MyFICO to fully verify my identity, and after going through all the usual questions, the rep kindly gave me the following MyFICO promo code. It should garner you a 10% discount toward any product from their site:


The rep told me that the promo code must be entered exactly as above (upper case). According to her, there's no expiration date, nor any usage limits.

I'm sort of curious about their ScoreWatch offerings, but as I have credit monitoring through another service already, I think I'll hold off for now.

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Thanks, been looking for this ... nice blog!

Anonymous Anonymous
, at 12:41 AM, April 20, 2007  

I check my credit report when I am going to apply for a credit card. I order my free credit report online, check everything I am interested in and find out what credit card I am eligible for. It is necessary. Otherwise, you can get a denial, that damages your credit score.


I prefer to check my credit report and FICO score directly at the credit bureau. For me it is more convinient than do it online. At the credit bureau I can ask questions and clear up some moments concerning my report. And its representatives always help me. What about online? You need to understand everything yourself without any help. Somebody thinks, that ordering report online they save their time. For me, it is faster to clear up all the interested details at the credit bureau directly, than stay at home and do it alone. It also takes time.


We always try to improve our credit report and our credit score. And it is right. It does not matter, how you check your credit report and score: online, by phone etc. The important is the fact. I check my credit score and report every time when I am going to apply for a new credit card and do it online.


Your credit score is the most important part of the process of applying for a credit card. It doesn't matter whether you check your credit report online or by phone.

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