Thursday, April 14, 2005

This is Stupid. Don't Do This.

I cannot believe people can be so reckless with their credit cards.

You know those cracker-sized mini credit cards that are made to be put on your keychain? Those things actually have credit-card info on them. No, really. They do. I'm not kidding.

But apparently at least one person in this world either doesn't agree with me, or doesn't care. Because when I went out to retrieve this person's (a customer at my workplace) vehicle today, I saw that one of those mini-cards was attached to her keychain. The keys, keychain, and accompanying card were hanging right where they were supposed to be — on a designated tag number in the designated key storage box at the back of our service shop. Which is never locked during the day. And which, by design, is pretty much always available to anyone walking through. Which could include technicians, vendors, salesmen, tow-truck drivers, lot porters, warranty administrators who author financial blogs, and pretty much anyone else with two legs and a pulse.

Look, people: If you're going to leave your keys and/or keychain somewhere, and you have a credit card or cards attached, then take the credit card(s) off. Take them with you.

Unless, of course, you cherish the thought of the world having access to your credit card info — account number, expiration date, cardholder name, three-digit security verification number, and all.

— Posted by Michael @ 11:40 PM

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